We sell recycled and second hand bags, which have been prepared and checked to ensure that they are safe and ready for use. We also provide a recycling service where we buy your used bags to prevent waste and the use of landfills - we never let a good bag go to waste.

We stock and sell a range of used and recycled bags of all different sizes suitable for a multitude of uses. By recycling the bags we are avoiding the detrimental effect it can have on the environment and as this is so important to us we will even buy bulk bags from you. If you have bulk bags that you no longer need or use, get in touch and we will pay for them and recycle them on your behalf. Most bulk bags are made from non-degradable materials, so here at Vaal Bulk Bags we feel it is important to recycle and re-use the bags.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bags whether new or recycled and at the Vaal Bulk Bag warehouse we stock a wide range of bags, however if you require a specific size or design of a bag, let us know and we will happily make it for you.